Moonstone Meaning

Moonstone Characteristics

  • Origin of the name : The origin comes from the Sanskrit terms "kanta", meaning "beloved", and "chandra", meaning "moon".
  • Belonging Group: Feldspars
  • Chemical composition : Double silicate of aluminum and potassium, KAlSi38O8
  • Hardness : Between 6 and 6,5
  • Crystal System : Monoclinic
  • Deposits : Australia, Burma, Brazil, United States, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Tanzania.
  • Colors : Colorless, white, bluish, yellow reflections.


moonstone mineral

Moonstone History

The history of moonstone is very important when we know the attraction and fascination of the moon for the ancestors. Indeed, through moonstone, they saw a very great resemblance and assimilated it to the light of the moon. During antiquity, moonstone was the object of divination and was considered the stone of the goddesses. To receive celestial clairvoyance, some men took women's costumes while putting the stone in their mouths.

As the stone is of a well known white light, even silvery, the Indian and Roman civilizations believed that moonstone is created by the rays of the moon. Even today, this stone is sacred in India. According to the beliefs of the Roman Empire, moonstone changed the astral phases. The Romans even believed that the Roman moon goddess Diana was visible on this stone. This stone is also known for its beliefs related to love. It would have the virtue of influencing the feeling of love.

Discovered in 1801 by Jean-Claude Delamétherie, the moonstone revealed its mysteries as well as all its components at the beginning of the 19th century. In 2000, moonstone was officially declared by the state of Florida in the U.S., paying tribute to the first step on the moon in 1969. Today, moonstone is widely used to make cabochons, but also jewelry such as moonstone necklaces, moonstone bracelets, moonstone pendants, etc... People wear these beautiful objects and ornaments for their virtues in lithotherapy or simply for fashion.

 moonstone gemstone

Moonstone Origin & Composition

Moonstone comes from the Sanskrit words "kanta", meaning "beloved", and "chandra", meaning "moon". Thus, the two reunited expressions mean "beloved of the moon" referring directly to its mythical origin. Its name also comes from the brightness of the moon, in its splendor and beauty. This stone belongs to the group of feldspars.

Moonstone is colorless, but it has reflections that can range from white to blue, sometimes even yellow. The reflections are mainly due to the structure of the moonstone which is crystalline. It offers an optical effect called: Adularescence, i.e. a sober reflection that glides over the entire surface of the stone when it changes its angle of view.

     moonstone crystal

    Moonstone Meaning and Properties

    Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

    On the psychological level, moonstone corresponds to the candor of childhood. At the same time virtuous and without malice, this stone acts naturally for the good. Moonstone also corresponds to happiness with one's spouse. It acts directly on the mental and astral bodies by harmonizing the emotions, thus facilitating reconciliation.

    The moonstone also makes it possible for the moral spirits considering the sexual act as a primary act to be released from this point of view there and to find the human sexual pleasure. This stone allows to develop sensitivity, creativity and gentleness. It accompanies in the dreams and facilitates the premonitory dreams as well as the intuition. It helps in certain decision-making which can prove to be difficult and in a fairer spirit.

    Moonstone is a stone that promotes openness to others and stops the fear of others. As a general rule, this stone stops useless fears, especially towards others that can lead to hatred of others. It is a stone of tolerance that aims to loosen material tendencies a little in favor of openness. This stone also brings to the man a feminine side which makes it possible to moderate with a male temperament sometimes too developed.


    Moonstone Healing Properties

    On the physical level, moonstone allows to harmonize hormonal secretions as well as menstrual cycles. This stone allows women to respond to the problem of sterility. It also allows them to maintain lactation after childbirth.


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