Crystal Meaning

Crystal Characteristics

  • Belonging group : Quartz
  • Chemical composition : Silicon Dioxide, SiO².
  • Hardness : 7
  • Crystal System : Rhombic
  • Deposits : Worldwide. The most beautiful are from Brazil, Arkansas, Madagascar, the Alps.
  • Colors : Transparent, colorless.


Use the Crystal Stone to recharge your minerals, cleanse a place of these negative energies, but also to activate any crystal! Key element in lithotherapy, the Rock Crystal will seduce you in many ways and will quickly become irreplaceable. Discover this stone and its many virtues in lithotherapy.


Crystal History

In 1500 B.C., the Mycenaeans (Aegean Civilization of the Helladic, Greece) were already beginning to engrave and carve on crystal stone. It is possible to see in the museum of Athens a cup dating from this same period. As for them, the Romans were already making jewelry such as crystal bracelets, crystal necklaces, faceted rings, balls and crystal pendants.

In the 10th century A.D., it was the Egyptians' turn to create ewers decorated with spirals in relief. Also in the Louvre Museum is the reliquary (composed of silver, crystal, copper and enamel) of Saint Henri dating from the medieval period.

In the Renaissance period, the workshops in Florence and Milan made superb pieces of crystal and gave life to hanaps (a drinking vessel of medieval origin), cups and vases. It is also possible to see them in the Apollo Gallery of the Louvre Museum.

A large number of obelisks later appeared, mainly from Egypt after their great campaign under the Empire and the consulate. The bishops also made crystal rings.

 crystal mineral

Crystal Composition

The crystal stone is part of the quartz family, it is a colorless quartz mainly composed of silicon dioxide. It can be found in the form of colorless crystal, colored crystal, smoky crystal or in a microscopic and translucent form. The two main constituents of the lithosphere are silicon and oxygen as well as quartz, it is by far the most common mineral.

Crystal is also found in granite, in granitic and metamorphic sedimentary rocks. Deposits of this stone are found mainly in Brazil, Madagascar, the Alps of Europe, the USA and the Himalayas.

     crystal stone

    Crystal Meaning and Properties

    Crystal Metaphysical and Healing Properties

    The crystal stone has a symbolic property and is recognized as such. It is a receiver, transmitter and amplifier. The crystal makes it possible to work on the energy which is inside itself, it can amplify this energy, transform it, store it and retransmit it.

    The crystal stone is ideal for the imagination and for clairvoyance. It also makes it possible to reach high levels of meditation very quickly. For everything related to energy blockages, crystal helps to stabilize and harmonize the etheric body as well as the vibratory rate of the body.

    This stone is mainly used by lithotherapy therapists in order to recharge, strengthen and activate other crystals and minerals. Placed next to another crystal or mineral, the rock crystal stone develops their properties in close proximity. This stone is used with all stones, regardless of their color or initial properties. It is a stone of light and purity, which is also used to amplify its own powers and its own energy, its own light. It accompanies and plays a role of purifying vis-à-vis the aura.

    Thanks to this crystal stone, the energy reserves of the body can be developed as well as the parallel and psychic faculties, namely telepathy, visualization, clairvoyance or hearing, intuition or concentration. If you need to cleanse an object, another stone or a place, a crystal geode or a quartz carpet can help you a lot. The properties of the environment will be developed and cleaned at the same time. Whether it is at work or at home, you can wear a crystal necklace that will allow you to amplify the properties of the environment you are in so that it is favorable to you..

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