Chalcedony Meaning

Chalcedony Characteristics

chalcedony stone
  • Origin of the name : From the ancient city of Khalkedon (Turkey) on the Bosphorus
  • Chemical composition : Silicon dioxide, SiO2
  • Belonging Group: Microcristalline Quartz
  • Hardness : Between 6,5 and 7
  • Crystal System : Rhombohedral
  • Deposits : Brazil, India, Madagascar, Uruguay.
  • Colors : Blue, milky grey bluish, green.


chalcedony mineral

Chalcedony History

Since the Neolithic period, Men have used chalcedony stone to create tools instead of silver. It has been found in France and more precisely in the city of Quimperlé in Brittany. Already 4000 before the birth of J.-C., civilizations such as the Babylonians and Assyrians used this stone to make seals which were then used to protect their most precious documents and money.

In addition, the stone with its powerful energy was used to protect the owner of the papers. During the Bronze Age, the Minoans helped to expand the use of blue chalcedony for protection. As the stone does not adhere to wax, they obtained a better natural result with their seals.

For the Celts, chalcedony represents Clota, the goddess of the river Clyde and waterways. It may also represent Gaia for the ancient Greeks. As for the Romans, they thought that the stone was effective to speak. According to legends, Cicero wore one around his neck when he made his speeches. The Amerindians considered that the stone was sacred and could calm the spirits. Not everyone agrees, but it seems that the Chalcedony also represented the tribe's goddess of peace for the Lakota Sioux people.

 chalcedony refined

Chalcedony Origin & Composition

Originally from Turkey, the chalcedony stone takes its name from "Khalkedon", a village located on the Bosphorus. The stone belongs to the family of microcrystalline quartz. It is formed mainly from silicon dioxide. On the Mohs scale, blue chalcedony oscillates between 6.5 and 7 hardness. Its natural crystal system is rhombohedral in shape.

Deposits can be found throughout South America and mainly in Uruguay and Brazil. However, it is also possible to find some in Madagascar, India, France and Germany. It is mainly exploited for its properties in lithotherapy and to make jewelry with a dazzling beauty. Its blue color which pulls on the pastel is appreciated by the amateurs of great jewelry.

     chalcedony gemstone

    Chalcedony Meaning and Properties

    Chalcedony Metaphysical Properties

    On the mental level, the stone is known to bring a feeling of inner peace to the wearer. This feeling will then also promote human relations and understanding between humans. Thanks to its blue color reminiscent of water, it gives the impression to the one who sees it to be comforted and soothed.

    By placing the stone on the frontal chakra, it is possible to move away the tears and gloom. It also limits the impulses that can make the wearer aggressive or irritable. Soothing, it is possible to drastically reduce verbal provocations by promoting understanding, tolerance and dialogue. Your name will remain on everyone's lips afterwards.

    If you are of a shy nature, chalcedony will transform your life. You will be more able to speak, to be generous and kind to your fellow men. Removing anxieties, it allows a person to regain a feeling of fullness and gives him the strength to overcome all his problems.

    The mineral loosens tongues and removes all blockages to discussion. The energy released by the stone encourages the expression of feelings and spirit. The blue chalcedony stone is the stone of the artists because it helps them to put their feelings on their works by developing the creativity in the everyday life.


    Chalcedony Healing Properties

    Blue chalcedony is known for its affinity with the throat chakra. It is then supposed to relieve pain in the throat, larynx and throughout the ENT area. It also allows a person to find enough self-confidence to speak and assert himself in public. The mineral will thus soften the stuttering, make the voice carry and reduce hoarseness. If you soon have an oral expression to do, there is no doubt that this stone will help you to pass this test with flying colors.

    Healing stone, it allows wounds to close more quickly. Problems related to blood circulation and hardening of the arteries can be solved with this stone. From an ocular point of view, the mineral is effective in dilating the blood vessels of the iris and relieving any irritation that may occur.

    At the same time, it strengthens the bones to limit the risk of disturbance during physical activity. Endowed with a great softness, blue chalcedony has a role to play on the hormonal glands. Thus, it allows women to better live the rise of milk and menstruation.


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