Amethyst Meaning

Amethyst Characteristics

amethyst stone
  • Chemical composition : Silicon dioxide, SiO2
  • Belonging Group: Quartz
  • Hardness : 7
  • Crystal System : Rhombohedral
  • Deposits : Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Russia, Uruguay
  • Colors : Purple, ranging from pale violet to deep violet.


amethyst crystal

Amethyst History

Originally used as an ornamental stone, amethyst stone was previously quarried for decorative purposes by the Etruscans and Egyptians. It was also used in the 18th century for staples and brooches. Today, amethyst is still considered a gemstone, and in the past it has been used for many precious goods (British crown, Egyptian crown, Russian crown, etc.). Because of its color and the beauty of its brilliance, it is still one of the most sought-after gemstones.

In the biblical register, the amethyst stone holds all its importance. From time immemorial, its main symbolism has been the encouragement of celibacy and piety. It is also not uncommon to find it on the ornaments of the clergy in the Middle Ages. It was frequently found on relics, on the rings of bishops and on priestly vestments. The place of this stone is equally sacred in the Buddhist religion and appears regularly in the design of rosaries, a variety of amethyst necklaces accompanied by an amethyst pendant.

 amethyst mineral

Amethyst Origin & Composition

Discovered in very large quantities at the beginning of the 20th century, amethyst is considered a very recent stone. Its main deposits were originally discovered in Uruguay and Brazil.

Nowadays, this stone is also extracted and exploited in African, South American, American, Russian and Australian countries. Although the largest quantity of amethyst stone comes from South American countries, the specificity that can be noted in African countries is that it is much richer in color. In Australia, the stone is much smaller and much darker.

The amethyst stone belongs to the family of violet quartzes, that is to say stones composed of silicon dioxide. This stone varies between diaphanous and translucent, between a purplish and purple hue, which is mainly due to the iron impurities that can be found in its crystalline lens.

The hue variations that can be found in this stone can range from purple, to bluish and light purple. It is possible to find more purple tones depending on the place of extraction. The same amethyst stone can and often does offer different color intensities, presenting an alloy of blue, violet and pink. Up to 250°C, the color of this stone is perfectly intact. From 500°C, its color changes to light yellow.

     amethyst gemstone

    Amethyst Meaning and Properties

    Amethyst Metaphysical & Healing Properties

    The amethyst stone is considered the stone of humility and the stone of wisdom. It stimulates creativity, imagination and clarity. This stone plays a great role and promotes not only meditation, concentration, but also spiritual elevation. It also helps to calm anger, fear, worries, anxieties, sadness and grief.

    The amethyst stone also has the property in lithotherapy to be a stone of passage and to be a stone that includes separation. It can be used in case of loss of a loved one, both for the one who leaves and for the one who stays. A remarkable property and virtue of amethyst is to purify places and objects, whether it is through an amethyst ball or in another form.

    It purifies the physical body, but also the aura. It accepts and perfectly integrates new things and changes. It is also used to cleanse, purify and recharge other stones and minerals. The ideal is to carry out this purification on an amethyst carpet or an amethyst geode.

    Always within the framework of a purification of a place, the amethyst stone contributes to peace and relaxation. It can provide calm and deep relaxation if it is in a room. If it is in your living room, this stone will be able to increase the energy rate of the room in question. If you prefer an amethyst bracelet, this one will accompany you and will offer you all the virtues that amethyst offers. You will take full advantage of the calming and soothing properties that it provides, throughout the day when you wear it.


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