What is Cottagecore ?

Cottagecore, Goblincore, Naturecore, Forestcore, Farmcore, Grandmacore... Where do we get all these aesthetics surrounded by a "core"?

There's like a desire to go back to our roots. Fairy tales have never seemed as appealing as they do today. In a globalist and polluting economy that is reaching its entrenchment, in a world where people are becoming more and more nasty, naughty towards each other, in a world where it is no longer possible to eat a tomato without it having been genetically modified or sprayed with pesticides? This is our manifesto. The manifesto of fairy women, of free women, of those who no longer want to belong to this world that is heading straight for the wall. Those who are fed up with discrimination, those who are tired of seeing sexism, racism, homophobia reappear in force after so many years. If their trinity resembles this one, if their trinity is fascist, ours will be pure. This blog is a safe place for my women and other wonderful creatures, whatever they are. 

What is Cottagecore ?

1. Cottagecore meaning : 

 A. Cottagecore on TikTok & Tumblr. 

 Tired of the modern world, which they find anxiety-provoking, Internet users are staging, on social networks, a simpler life in the countryside, where nature and traditional activities are souverain. 

Right in the middle of the web, somewhere between TikTok's dances and Twitter clashes, is a haven called Cottagecore. A contraction of “cottage” and “hardcore”, a trend promotes a simple way of life in the middle of nature, as well as a return to essential and traditional things.

 Cottagecore is just as similar as Goblincore and Gradmacore. Grandmacore aesthetics will focus more on the so-called "grandmother's" activities (sewing, cooking, gardening). Goblincore is more about mentally putting yourself in the shoes of a goblin, and acting like one. Not to be afraid to get dirty in the forest for example, to be as mysterious as this legendary little being, as mischievous too. Goblincore is also very close to Fairycore: everything related to fairies. 

Cottagecore Woman - what is cottagecore


What is Cottagecore ?

 Cottagecore is the art of staging a romanticized (and highly idealized) version of the rough life, with a vintage filter. Under the dedicated hashtag, young women with nymph hair decorated with ribbons bake blueberry pies, daydream on a rocking chair, go mushroom picking, garden, embroider, read Jane Eyre, knit by candlelight - and don't forget to take a picture of themselves to feed their Instagram account. In fact, the cottagecore is the idea of "Dump it all and go make jam on a farm", but Generation Z version.

 At a time when everything goes too fast, when everything can go viral and disappear in the moment, Cottagecore appears in 2020 as a shield against the anxiety linked to new technologies. Paradoxically, it is indeed on social networks that this subculture is developing and that the cottagecore community is finding itself, through images showing trivial details of a life without artifice and videos filmed during an apple picking.

 Audrey, a 21-year-old Canadian, created her account in 2017 to "share simple moments that made her happy". With her photos, she wants to encourage her subscribers to "live as sustainably and consciously as possible". "Grow your own food, learn how to mend clothes, learn how to buy second hand. These are all activities that I find very rewarding and values that fit me," she says.

B. Animal Crossing Cottagecore, Taylor Swift and pandemic.

Cottagecore is not new - the New York Times estimates that the movement emerged in 2017. But it is in 2020, the anxiety-provoking year, that it explodes. In April, when billions of people were forced to stay at home, photo-sharing site Tumblr noted a 153 percent increase in posts stamped "Cottagecore," according to the Insider site.

cottagecore animal crossing

 Once lockdown finished, the trend has only convinced more and more followers. The incredible success of the Animal Crossing video game, in which we play a cute and smiling character who bustles about on an island populated by friendly inhabitants, flowers to grow, fruits to collect and fish to catch, is also to consider. 

Finally, we can see in this craze a Taylor Swift effect. Folklore, his new album, has been number 1 in hits since its release in early July. The American singer abandons her energetic pop in favor of romantic and calm walks, and promotes her record with photos in the forest, and a clip shot in an old house in the countryside.

C. Cottagecore fashion - Cardigans, puffed sleeves and flowing dresses.

Originally, the Cottagecore trend took its inspiration from the literature and painting of the 19th century, as well as the 1970s, in response to the industrial revolution. The goal is to lend prestige to the countryside. 

On the fashion side, imagine a mix of Laura Ingalls and the Lisbon sisters, heroines of the film Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola. The flagship piece of a Cottagecore wardrobe is the long romantic dress, embellished with lace, puffed sleeves and a petticoat if possible. 

cottagecore aesthetic clothes

For cooler temperatures, nothing beats the big thick wool cardigan, popularized this summer by the title Cardigan by Taylor Swift (her again). 

Because this style calls for a more reasoned lifestyle and a return to authentic and durable things, vintage pieces are a real success. But more and more city dwellers are inspired by the codes of Cottagecore to dress. Instead, they opted for something new. 

2. Cottagecore Style explained romantically : 

A. How to be the perfect country girl? The spirit. 

 Life in the countryside calls rather for contemplation. One can then better imagine a quiet, secret and inner country girl. Nevertheless, "Jane Eyre" is still the perfect country girl in classical English literature, and yet she does not have a good character. The countryside is also nature in its wild state. So don't be afraid to be wild. Don't be afraid to assert yourself.

But adopt the dreamy attitude of Anne in the Netflix series "Anne With An E". Be creative, spontaneous, happy, playful. You're alive, you need to represent life. As the seasons pass in the countryside, summer brings its fruits to the trees, spring arrives with its dress of flowers, autumn offers us wonderful orange landscapes and winter comes to transform all this, making the landscape white. You have to be as unpredictable as the seasons. As wild, as dreamy and as smart as Anne. Assert yourself. Read a lot.

Contemplate the world around you

 B. Cottagecore Clothing - How does a perfect little country girl choose her clothes? 

cottagcore aesthetic clothes
  • Fade into natural tones. Choose to dress in all shades of brown, green, red, black, cream, and all the colors found in nature. It's very cute if you dress according to the season regarding the colors of our outfits. 
  • Take materials that are reminiscent of the countryside. Lace, like the handkerchiefs that our grandmothers used to embroider... Embroidery of course, but also check fabrics, tweed, wool, rough and old materials, soft and new materials, velvet and silk, light and fluid fabrics for spring. 
  • Take some cute little shoes. They can be Mary Jane, moccasins, Docs Martens, boots... All in black or brown tones. Take practical shoes to go looking for mushrooms in the forest. Always keep in mind that you have to be prepared for long walks and manual activities.Don't forget your garden or rain boots! They will be very useful when you are gardening. 
  • Grab some headwear! Hats, berets, Gavroche caps... The beret at Mori Girl's is the ultimate accessory for the cuteness. 
  • Have aprons. If you want to become an accomplished country girl, you need aprons to cook good caramelized apple slices without dirtying your beautiful dresses. 
  • Have lots of cardigans. The cardigan is really the practical vest that we put on our shoulders when it's a little cold. Like the shawls that little Russian grannies wear. 
  • Take some of your grandmother's stuff! By asking her agreement beforehand, of course, but it is an ancient source not to be neglected. You can try to see if there are blouses that she doesn't wear anymore, dresses, petticoats, and others... The grandmothers knew how to dress well at the time! 
  • Petticoats. The petticoats will give relief to your skirts, giving them a shape of "bell". This is not suitable for all types of skirts, but for your most beautiful pieces, the petticoat in white lace is absolutely essential. It is the height of the romantic. 


C. How to look like a country girl? The Cottagecharm.

Cottagecore Clothing - Asian cottagecore girl
  1. Wear your nails short and unpolished. A country girl should want to have fun, run in the open air, garden, cook... All these activities do not allow long false nails, and it is not the desired effect anyway. You will save money by leaving your nails aside! 
  2. Make braids in your hair. Braids are reminiscent of wheat in the field. Braid your hair, knot it on the top of your head, let it float in the wind... If you have medium-length hair, small braids are even cuter. Put ribbons in your hair. 
  3. Go out often to get some fresh air on the plains. If you live next to a forest, park, mountain or lake, take the opportunity to be outside as often as possible. You can try to collect flowers to dry them to become your bookmarks. You can study botany to make a garden in your home, and to learn about natural remedies when you are sick. 
  4. Listen to Celtic music, like the artist Cécile Corbel for example. Be inspired and abuse as you wish the Celtic culture: the Breton, Irish and Scottish culture. Learn about ancient myths, watch Outlander, learn Gaelic. Be a cottagewitch!
  5. Wear makeup that makes you look fresh and pink. When you stay home, wear gloss on your delicate lips. Put pearls around your neck. Wear headbands. When you're outdoors, a little foundation and mascara will do the trick. Stay natural. 
  6. Talk to the animals. Be nice to them. Spend time with animals. You are like Athena, there is a bit of the Greek pantheon left in you.


D. Cottagecore to do list : how to feel like you're living in the countrylife. 

What is Cottagecore ? Cottagecore girl resting
  • Lying on the grass, white blossoms in the hair, looking up at the stars.
  • Spending time reading classical novels.
  • Playing with a cat.
  • Watering plants.
  • Cooking dishes from the products which you have bought in the morning on the local market.
  • Baking muffins and cookies.
  • Decorating a house with flowers and cozy things.
  • Walking through the fog, wearing a black dress.
  • Collecting herbs and making from them potions.
  • Dance upon the crumbling leaves and lose yourself among tiny mushrooms and rustling trees.
  • Chopping/stacking firewood.
  • Getting to wear all the comfy clothes you spent the rest of the year knitting/crocheting.
  • Picking out individual calls in the birdsong that starts in the nearby forest every morning.
  • Sitting with a blanket around you and a warm drink, watching the rain fall outside.
  • Falling asleep to the sound of rain.
  • Making jam and other preserves for winter.

 Thank you for reading! Please share if you liked, it helps us to grow our community!


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