Organize the perfect Cottagecore Wedding!

Why organize a Cottagecore wedding?

It can be said without a shadow of a doubt that with the current pandemic and the trends of the year 2020, Cottagecore themed weddings are extremely popular in 2021. In addition to being a “new” concept, the Cottagecore aesthetic (Countrycore) makes it possible to put everyone in agreement. We all have in our hearts this loving part of Nature and the countryside. So how do you organize a Cottagecore wedding? What to do during this marriage? What to wear as a wedding dress? How to choose the decorations? We tell you everything about this trend in our article.

The 10 highlights of a Cottagecore wedding:

  • It is very soft and intimate
  • It allows you to take exceptionally beautiful photos in Nature
  • It removes the too “serious” side of marriages, reduces stress
  • It will please all your guests
  • It is a very charming aesthetic for a wedding
  • It makes great and simple memories
  • You can concoct an original, light, and healthy menu based on flowers (rose jams, zucchini flowers, poppies, lavender, acacia flowers, orange blossom water, dandelion or pea flowers…)
  • Allows you to give vintage and romantic grandmother airs without overdoing it, or without being "out of fashion" for our time
  • Ultra cozy
  • Easy for decorating your reception (just bet on bouquets of flowers and organize your reception in beautiful green spaces). Economic!

How to choose your Cottagecore wedding dress?

It really is the day of the year when you can afford to be as frivolous and romantic as you want. We advise you to choose large loose white dresses. You earn bonus points if the dress sits closer to your torso, and becomes looser and airier around your waist, down to the ankles. You can have fun with the ruffles; they will make you look graceful. You do not have to wear white, that is the advantage of Cottagecore weddings. You can also choose to wear pale pink, champagne, cream, pale green, or sky-blue dresses… The important thing is that your dress matches the theme, and that it looks good on you! The “white dress” side just allows us to unconsciously play with clichés well anchored in our brain: white is the purity, the lightness of a young girl who runs in the fields after having put her laundry to dry on the line. laundry, it is Marie-Antoinette having fun at the Petit Trianon with her courtyard… You can also decide to play with floral embroidery: the more flowers there are, the better! Also choose to wear a flower crown with your bridal veil, the color that will best highlight your Cottagecore dress. We guarantee you great memories at the end of the happiest day of your life, beautiful photos, and a dress that you will keep for an exceptionally long time.

What activities to organize for a Cottagecore wedding?

Weddings take place most of the time in summer or spring, to have the best possible weather, with a mild climate. If you decide to get married during these two favorable seasons, we can offer you some ideas for activities to offer to your guests at your Cottagecore wedding. For those who would prefer the cold climate - yes, you have the right! - we will suggest some fall and winter activities below to do at a Cottagecore wedding.

For a spring Cottagecore wedding:

  • A picnic with your guests
  • Bake cookies together
  • Plant a tree symbolic of your love, or a rosebush
  • Go get raspberries or berries to make a pie
  • Organize a spring ball, the dance hall covered with fragrant flowers
  • Offer your guests small bouquets
  • Eat rose-flavored dishes
  • Take a bike ride in the countryside to walk from one place to another
  • Watch the sunset, accompanied by the music of a pianist
  • Spend your honeymoon in a cozy little chalet
  • Start a garden with your lover (husband)
  • Offer baby plants to all your guests

For a summer Cottagecore wedding:

  • Eat fresh melon and pink ham all together, accompanied with white wine
  • Pink wine too 
  • Organize a harvest of strawberries, and the preparation of small pies
  • Go pick plums, cherries, peaches, or apricots
  • Charming walk in the countryside
  • Enjoy the sunset
  • Make a big fire
  • Dance around the fire, listen to music, laugh, and enjoy
  • Grill marshmallows around the fire
  • Make your own bread for the ceremony, or brioche
  • Organize a storytelling vigil
  • Turn little girls into princesses, little boys into knights
  • Horse ride

For a fall Cottagecore wedding:

  • Go to a pumpkin patch, choose the most beautiful
  • Combine your wedding with Halloween activities: the mix can be surprising but fabulous!
  • Make apple, pumpkin, ginger, hazelnut, and walnut pies
  • Go pick apples from the trees
  • Make hot caramel for your guests
  • Drink cider
  • Make a big fire during dinner
  • Be in the middle of Nature to admire the red color of the trees
  • Tell horror stories to the younger ones
  • Get married in a haunted house style house
  • Decorate your wedding with a scarecrow and Halloween decorations (between Halloween and Cottagecore)
  • Eat sweet apples
  • Put candles everywhere

For a winter Cottagecore wedding:

  • Be inspired by the warm atmosphere of Christmas and the end of the year celebrations to make your guests dream
  • Consider organizing the ceremony in a chalet (well heated!)
  • Go skating
  • Offer hot chocolate
  • Eat good, hearty meals with lots of cheese and meat
  • Offer your guests gingerbread and mulled wine
  • Take pictures in the snow
  • Organize a winter ball
  • Put cozy garlands and candles everywhere
  • Be inspired by the Hygge aesthetic
  • Sleep with your dear and loving one in a place near the forest, and wake up surprised by the thick white coat that will have covered the forest

Here we are, we hope that this little guide will have given you some ideas for your own wedding, whether it comes in 2021, or that it arrives after. Do not hesitate to share it with those who love Cottagecore, to increase our family. Take care of yourself!

With love, Swann.

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