50 Cottagecore Wallpapers!

Dear reader, today we are going to bring you a series of Cottagecore wallpapers to adopt for your cell phone, your computer, or any object that needs to be personalized, to make it your own.

 The great thing about Cottagecore wallpapers is that you can also use them as reference models to choose patterned fabrics for example, for sewing. Sewing is a quintessential country activity. It requires resourcefulness, recycling. It is opposed to the consumer society which would like that when a garment has a hole, it is thrown away. But let us stick to the subject: in this article, we will offer you a selection of the best Cottagecore wallpapers that we have found on the internet. Draw in, draw, and decorate your electronic devices by adding a touch of nature!

"don't let society tell you the cottagecore dream is unattainable. a small house is cheaper than a big house. a simple life is easier than a difficult life. sewing your own clothes is cheaper than buying them. living happily is more fulfilling than the american dream." bluevelvetinmydreams on Tumblr. 

"oh, to fall asleep in my lovers arms, listening to the rain falling on the roof of the cottage we share" sapphoandhoney on Tumblr. 

"there are only two genders: dark academia and cottagecore" flowersandgunpowder on Tumblr. 

"It's spring which means we're legally required to go on picnic dates now" inkwellsandbrokendreams on Tumblr. 

"I think all my problems would be solved with hot chocolate croissants and sleeping on someone's lap while they read to me." drizzlingtears on Tumblr. 

"she belongs in a museum of flowers, folded between the pages of a book to dry" merely-a-fool on Tumblr. 

"*runs away to the forest and finds an abandoned cottage with a run down greenhouse and devotes myself to fixing it up and planting a garden and making it my home as a form of healing from capitalism* hehe" jumpedoverthemoon on Tumblr. 

"I need to lie on the mossy floor of a forest for a while." booksandothersecrets on Tumblr. 

"guess i'll have to be satisfied with literature and old records." ashstfu on Tumblr.

"you'll marry the person who gives you annotated books and handwritten letters?? y'all weird. i'll marry the guy who lets me write poetry on his skin <3" ashstfu on Tumblr.

"I wish cottagecore wasn't so feminine and woman-centric. I wish it could be more androgynous but also more disability friendly as well. Just some thoughts from a cottagecore nby with disabilities galore." sapphos-selection on Tumblr. 

"how fun would it be to go traveling through the forest exploring old castles and collecting mushrooms" plumsilver on Tumblr. 

"oh to be rolled in a cinnamon roll" cottagecoregrandma on Tumblr. 

"is it too much to ask to live in a cottage in the middle of nowhere, secluded from humanity and only interacting with the forest creatures?" sapphic-dark-academia on Tumblr.

"I don't want a job I just want to live in a cosy cottage, in a secluded English town and bake goodies for the boy who comes to borrow tools from my barn just as an excuse to see me." drizzlingtears on Tumblr.

"It’s 40° out you know what that means, time to morph from my dark academia lesbian aesthetic into my cottagecore lesbian aesthetic" anamelessfacelessnerd on Tumblr. 

Thank you for your attention! Do not hesitate to share so that the community grows! XoXo, Swann. 

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