How to have a Cottagecore house?

 Would you dare to dream of a little cabin in the woods of Canadian forests? In autumn, the tall and beautiful maples would unfurl their red leaves. The mountains would be colored a deep reddish hue, the moose would pass by your windows, on which you would lay pumpkin tarts to cool, on the windowsill.

 Let us plant another setting, which I know very well: the hazy and icy French countryside, the French countryside which in winter resembles the English moors in every way. During this period of lockdown in France, I am fortunate to be able to go out without a mask in the forest next to my home. I go for a long walk with my dog. When I come home, I have an affectionate cat waiting for me, curled up in a ball on a pillow. Everything is fluffy and cozy, my house is the place where I feel the safest. I have neighbors, but I have very few. We are all very far away. I have a garden, and I go out every evening to have a hot cup of tea on the terrace. I love the contrast between the steaming drink in my hands and the freezing cold of the winter ahead. I like cloudy, cool mornings, low clouds a deep charcoal gray that reminds me of Ireland. I would not leave my campaign for the world.

cottagecore house

 Picture yourself with your white apron with red gingham check, your hair tied in a braid, with artificial flowers perched on your headband. In the kitchen, all is love and tenderness. You bake cakes for the people you love. You knead good, soft bread to make French toast or brioche. You take out the butter, flour, eggs, and let the magic begin! I know now that you are already there, in this bucolic picture that I have just painted for you. Well ladies and gentlemen, stay in your place because we are going to dissect this dream country house piece by piece so that you can draw inspiration from it in your interior decoration.

1. Cottagecore Room.

How to have a Cottagecore house?

The living room is the heart of the house. It must reflect a warm character so that you feel good when you come home tired from work at night. You don't have to live in Snow White's house to feel like you're living in the countryside - there are some little tips to take, and it's all about creating an atmosphere. How can we create that rural atmosphere that we are looking for so much through a Cottagecore living room?

First, analyze the type of space you live in. Is this a small student room with a shared lounge? (In this case you will have to fall back on your bedroom for interior decoration.) Is this a space that you share with your family? (We are not going to play despotics.) Are you lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, and inherited the English mansion from your great-grandmother?
Well. It only takes a little detail to change a room. It is about a light, an atmosphere, a candle so that the dismal place turns into a palace. You wish you have a Cottagecore room ? Here are some tips for those on a budget:

  • Put on flowers. Could be plastic flowers if you want, they cost more but they last longer. Choose your favorite color, or a shade that works well with the room. Buy a nice vase for the occasion: again, you don't have to go looking for Chinese porcelain! Even a modern, small plastic vase can do the trick. But flower your living room: flowers will bring freshness to your rooms, a little countryside, and flowers are definitely Cottagecore.
  • A tablecloth. If you have a table in your living room, cover it with a tablecloth. Little more if your tablecloth is "traditional", a white tablecloth with small embroidery is quite appropriate for the theme. It's very messy so you'll be careful to be careful (especially if you have cats like me), but hey. It’s still very pleasant. With the white tablecloth and the flowers, we come very close to the rustic aesthetic that we are trying to achieve.
  • Small photo frames. Hang small photo frames on your walls with printed images from the internet that remind you of the Cottagecore aesthetic. You can also put photos of your family, your grandparents, your great-grandparents… Or even, images representing paintings of flowers! Overuse these kind of little vintage details that change everything.
  • THE GARLANDS. Run and buy some garlands. In hygge light is very important, and you have to be inspired by it. “Hygge” means in Danish “well-being”. This winter, equip yourself with soft and warm lamps, those that light up warmly and not neon lights that blind.
  • The candlesticks. It is an accessory, but the chandeliers, those Victorian accessories, fit very well into the Cottagecore aesthetic. Do you have Sia's "Chandelier" in your head now? Me too.

2. Cottagecore kitchen.

How to have a Cottagecore house?

The kitchen ... The soul of the house. This is whereas a self-respecting Cottagecore girl, you are going to spend all your afternoons and evenings. Again, you do not have to have your pockets full of cash to transform your kitchen! Here are my little tips to transform this room.

  •  Of course, the flowers and the tablecloth. You got it, these two typical elements of the old and rustic fireplace go almost anywhere, even in your bedroom, and they are terribly bucolic and old.
  • The watchword is: rustic! You are looking for a rustic and worked finish. On TikTok there are a lot of girls who manage to make this rustic effect with not much: anyway, as soon as you start cooking, it is Cottagecore! Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, have everything available in your kitchen! Eat in season as well, of course ... Strawberries in December are not very Cottagecore, because they are disrespectful of the environment ...
  • The mugs!
  • Rolls; Coils! Get a rolling pin to make pie dough! Choose soft, organic materials like wood.
  • Buy some pretty crockery! All it takes is nothing to spice up a kitchen. Do yourself a favor and go buy some plates and cutlery that you will keep for the rest of your life, and that are beautiful to look at. The kind of stuff you can show your kids later.
  • Baskets! Have a basket! You can make it yourself with fallen tree branches from the garden (if you can really afford the time), otherwise get yourself a small basket to do your shopping, to go to the market, or to make a late picking of apples, quite simply! The basket will also be especially useful in the summer for apricots, peaches, and cherries.
  • Buy a teapot! It is still a lot cuter for pouring tea and for your outdoor parties.
  • Dry your plants in the kitchen! In addition to giving you the appearance of witches in the making, you can take the opportunity to make your own herbs with rosemary, bay leaf, Provence herbs… Refrain yourself for sage, however.

  • Celebrate Mabon, Samhain, Yule, Litha, and all those pagan festivals by matching your meals with the season! Get inspired by the meaning of the holidays, their symbols, and their history… Then cook!

 Cottagecore cooking recipes will be featured in a new article!

3. Cottagecore bedroom.

Cottagecore Bedroom

In general, the Cottagecore is a bit of a bazaar. The more it is provided, the more elements, the better. So do not hesitate to use garlands as mentioned above, flowers, photo frames, but also other elements such as cream-colored lace curtains, sheets with old floral motifs, a sophisticated bedside lamp that you you would have found in flea markets ... Cottagecore bedding is not that hard. You must let your creativity speak and be inspired by images. Here are a few to make your brain work! Make our own cottagecore

4. Cottagecore bathroom.

cottagecore bathroom

 For your Cottagecore bathroom, I admit it is going to be the most complicated part of the house. But it is not infeasible! Of course, do not redo your bathroom just to make it more vintage and rustic. But get yourself items that will rock you from your dreary, cold New York City bathroom to a 19th-century German Duchess bathroom.

  • Buy good products for the shower! Rose soap, organic banana hair cream, sponges to rub your back, soft and washed candy pink towels ...
  • Put flowers in your bathroom too! Because what is stopping you from doing it?
  • Try to harmonize the colors. The more you take soft pastel colors for your bathroom, the more beautiful and pleasant the effect will be. Pastel colors are in fact very much linked to childhood: pastel blue, pastel pink, and almond green. Play with that nostalgia - Cottagecore is nostalgic - and you will get a Cottagecore bathroom to your liking.

 Inspire yourself on Minecraft! Many cute cottagecore houses out there.Or just play at Animal Crossing...

 Thank you for your reading! Please leave a comment, share with the people you love and I see you all very soon!!


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