Cottagecore and Celtic culture.

How to obscure the Celtic roots that can be represented in the Cottagecore? The Cottagecore, which represents a rustic vision of life, is acclimated particularly well with the Celtic landscapes, often rough and mountainous. The more rudimentary the landscape, the more human warmth. We were singing the Celtic world through stories, poems, arthuric but also druidic mythology. We gave it up to date with new series like Outlander, inspired by Diana Gabaldon's novels. And if we still deepened our imagination by marrying Cottagecore aesthetics and Celtic culture?

1.ย A Celtic Cottagecore house.

Celtic countries are not reduced to Scotland and Ireland, although it is entirely Celts ancestral lands. But the Celts are also found in France, in the region of Brittany, as well as in Canada, Australia, Spain, in the Basque Country, but also in Kabylie, in the mountains of Algeria. A Celtic country is recognized by its landscape: high mountains, great green spaces, lush vegetation, and a rough wind that breaks the wrinkles of the face. I see a Celtic Cottagecore house located in one of all these countries cited. I imagine a big cottage, an ecological home that would blend perfectly in the landscape in which it fits. Celtic culture has long been able to engrave in the furniture of its imprint and its trace. If the Viking drakkars recognize themselves from afar, given their architecture and symbols, the Celtic Arabesques are distinguished between thousand decorations. The Celtic Cottagecore house must comprise if possible, a stove, a fireplace, or any other element that can reduce a little fire inside, representing the heat of the fireplace. A cat is spread out all over the couch, to enjoy the shy rays of the sun that crosses the lace curtains. A dog sleeps in his basket. You are in the kitchen, and you try to new Scottish recipes. You have come out of your cupboardโ€™s whiskey, aromatics, dill, and salmon. A sweet smell of cooked brioche spreads in the atmosphere. All covers are checked, All plaids, tablecloths, and even curtains. The decoration is finally deliciously warm. When you invite your friendsโ€™ home, they expect to spend a very hygge and quiet, intimate and pleasant evening.

2.ย A Celtic cottagecore wardrobe.

For the Celtic wardrobe, we will not go through four paths: wear tile prints! These patterns have an incredibly old story. Previously in Scotland, the color of the tissues, the number of tiles, the thickness of the stripes, were as many indications as possible to indicate to others its rank, its class, its coat of arms and its blood. From now on, the checkered pattern is adopted by absolutely the whole planet on the globe. Nevertheless, it lies in this printed as a rest of this lost symbolic. The checkered shirt returns irretrievably to the clichรฉ of the Canadian lumberjack which cuts wood in the forest; But it also refers to the kilts (do they wear a pod below?), to the tablecloths of our grandmothers, in the fashion of 1950 with the Vichy checkered dresses ... The plaid pattern has this little something unique, symbolic, vintage, and eternal. You can be sure that you will always wear the checkered clothes you buy in 2021. 2041, fashion will certainly not have moved on this issue.

ย Promote natural colors. It is wise to adopt tones daily, reminiscent of the earth: browns, greens, oranges, reds, yellows. These colors change the colors of the city, which are either very colorful (the neon, electricity, car headlights, advertisements) is very dull (gray, concrete, modern architecture, glass, metal) ... Celtic culture is only alive if it is lived near a wood, a forest, a green space. The Celts were given some of their knowledge and spirituality in the trees, and their booms. It is necessary to try to see in the long run, and not to buy clothes today in fashion, tomorrow forgotten, replaced by others. We must try to register in a story that is immensely long. As best as we can, without being too much next to the plate, for our contemporaries.

3.ย A Celtic Cottagecore spirituality.

We cannot help thinking of Celtic culture, without thinking of the druids! And who said Druid, said Magic, Clairvoyance, Astrology, Spirituality ... Here for a whole lot of reasons we are not very fans of this new Dickered religion of all rooms in the 19th century called Wicca, because it imprints here and There are elements of other cultures (often those of the dominated) without putting them in honor, making themselves dishonestly. But there is an old Celtic spirituality, which really fits throughout a path that goes up further than Jules Caesar. From this spirituality, you can completely inspire you to be closer to this search for a return to the roots that the Cottagecore advocates. When one returns to his "at home" the oldest, when one returns to the bases (nature, a farm, a henhouse, a garden, feeding on his hands, the work of the earth, humility the sacrifice, see the change of seasons), one cannot help at the same time an inner return to the old lost spiritualities. If paganism has the rise in the stern, for young people in search of meaning, which is increasingly rejecting the religion of their parents and grandparents, the three great monotheistic religions have their place too, in this movement back to sources.

ย This simpler life, slower, perhaps more respectful of yourself, must also be used to aware of a little more vision of the Cottagecore. The Cottagecore, it is not only a picture of Pinterest or Instagram, because once a sun day was tense linen. The Cottagecore lives daily. It is indeed an ode to bucolic life, a declaration of love in the countryside, but the declaration of love should not translate only in pretty photos - although the pretty photos are genuinely nice and for the one who Take, and for the one who looks at her. But it would really be necessary to try to politicize the Cottagecore more, by blowing on him a breath of life, that is to say: by truly appropriating this post-coronavirus movement, to make it a respectful lifestyle of the environment, self, and others. And even more: reinvest the campaigns. Relations of new our villages lost to our great capitals. Do not leave farmers aside, help them, let us look at their daily lives, let us look at two seconds and listen to their wisdom, knowledge of nature, moon cycles, plants. It is incredible intellectual enrichment. This is what Celtic Cottagecore advocates.


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