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I'm Swann, a french Mori Girl in love with clothing design. This store is dedicated to all young women who like me find themselves in bucolic aesthetics.

At Cottagecore-Aesthetic, you will find the most beautiful Cottagecore Clothes, like Cottagecore Dresses or Cottagecore Outfits.

Grab a cup of tea and make yourself comfortable. I wish you an happy journey in my world !


Cottagecore Clothing

I live in the French countryside in a house that once belonged to a marquis. The perfect setting to design clothes inspired by Cottagecore Aesthetic !

Everything you will find on this store is the result of long hours of work, not only from me, but also from my various partners around the world. Our creations are sold at prices that allow them and me to live.

We have not finished surprising you. Everything has only just begun.

eco friendly

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I have felt extremely close to Nature from a young age, and the current plight of our planet affects me a lot.

This is why we are implementing a series of commitments to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible without compromising on the quality of our products.

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🌳 Already 169 trees planted thanks to you

Cottagecore Aesthetic is committed to participating in the green wave that is maturing in the minds of the younger generation. We are implementing a series of commitments to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible without compromising on the quality of our Cottagecore clothing, accessories and decoration elements.
Together, let's be responsible and actors in reforestation !


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Swann the little mori girl

Welcome to Cottagecore Fashion, young Mori Girl.

You can take my word for it, Cottagecore Aesthetic is THE best possible destination if you are a fan of Cottagecore, Goblincore, Grandmacore, Countrycore, Mori, or Fairycore aesthetics.

We have one thing in common: our unconditional love for the beautiful things of nature and the past, whether it is clothing or decoration.

Do you love the softness, beauty, and warmth of the countryside? You want to become one with nature, go back to basics, have a simple and healthy life, like our forefathers ? Paying a beautiful tribute to Mother Nature ?

Here you can find a wide range of Cottagecore clothing, from Mori dresses to Cottagecore outfits, jewelry and decoration.Every week we add new collections and expand the existing ones. Stay tuned for new items !

Cottagecore Aesthetic ships FREE worldwide. Your security is our priority, we only offer encrypted, secure and safe means of payment.

If you encounter a problem with the post office, Cottagecore Aesthetic will send you a new package AT THEIR COST. (secure delivery) !

A question, a suggestion, a partnership request ? You can contact me via swann@cottagecore-aesthetic or via the Contact Us page.

Lots of kisses and see you soon,

Swann 💖🍄

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